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EDIReader in its entirety is copyrighted software owned by BerryWorks Software. You may use it freely under the GPL agreement. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase a commercial license from us that allows you to use EDIReader in ways not authorized by the GPL and provides access to features and plugins not included in the GPl version. No other use of the product is allowed.




EDIReader may be downloaded under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). If you use EDIReader under this open source license, you must read and comply with all of the terms of the license. Here is a very brief summary:

  • you may use EDIReader in your application,

  • you may modify EDIReader any way you like,

  • you may copy EDIReader, but those copies fall under the GPL license, and

  • you may distribute your application that is based upon or uses EDIReader, but your entire application must be placed under the terms and conditions of the GPL which includes making your source code available.


Commerical Source License


If you would like to use EDIReader as a component in your commercially distributed product, or for any other reason need to use EDIReader in a way not authorized by the GPL, contact us to obtain a commercial license.




EDIReader is 100% Java and uses only APIs that are included in Sun's Java SE JDK. EDIReader is not based on any other GPL-licensed components or any software beyond that which is included with Java.

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