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Latest News
EDIReader 4.0 Release
Monday, 29 January 2007
EDIFACT messages use a UNO/UNP segment sequence to embed an arbitrary data object such as a digital signature. EDIReader now supports these messages by placing a base-64 encoding of the object in the generated XML.  
The 4.0 release of EDIReader includes strategic refactoring of certain internal classes related to handling plugins. It is now possible to extend these classes with custom subclasses in order to specialize plugin handling without modifying the EDIReader source code. All plugins developed for earlier versions of EDIReader are compatible with the 4.0 release.
EDIReader 3.11 Release
Saturday, 27 January 2007
With the 3.11 release of EDIReader, plugins may be placed in a Java package other than the default package used by BerryWorks. This is convenient for companies developing their own plugins.
This is expected to be the last feature release of the 3.n series, with new features appearing in EDIReader 4.0. New releases of the 3.n branch will be made as needed for bug fixes.
EDIReader 3.10 Release
Friday, 08 September 2006
The GPL version of EDIReader 3.10 was released to SourceForge. For ANSI X.12, support is added for TA1 segments and for negative as well as positive acknowledgments. It also extends the support for EDIFACT with additional XML attributes describing interchange characteristics gleaned from the UNA and UNB segments.
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