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HIPAA 5010 Conversion Aid for 835 Remittance Advice
A 5010 to 4010 stepdown converter is now available from BerryWorks for HIPAA 835 Remittance Advice transactions. In many cases, this will allow physician practices and other health care providers to accept 835s from claim processors in the new version 5010 format and convert them to the 4010 format used by their existing systems.

The stepdown conversion process deals with the differences between 4010 and 5010 for the 835 transaction. For example, many of the fields within an 835 have a greater maximum length in 5010. In this simple example, the conversion process truncates the fields as needed so that they are compliant with 4010 requirements. Other examples include specific code values that were added in 5010 and segments that were added or removed.

The converter is built upon an EdiEditor framework that makes use of EDIReader and EDIWriter to accept EDI input files and emit transformed EDI output files using business logic expressed in Java. In this case, the transformation changes the format from version 5010 to 4010. In the coming months, other conversion tools may be provided as well.

The stepdown converter is currently in field test. Please contact BerryWorks Software if you would like to evaluate this tool for your HIPAA remittance processing needs.

Accessing EDI data with Java can be even easier with the new EDIStAX module that supports the Streaming API for XML (StAX). A traditional SAX-based approach puts the parser in control and the parser calls a handler to react to XML elements. With StAX, the application is in control and calls the parser when it needs to get another XML event.

Here is a tiny Java program that illustrates this approach. It simply iterates through the elements of EDI input and prints each segment type noted within an EDI transaction. Notice that the program uses only the XML streaming API included with Java; the "XML" it is processing is actually EDI parsed by EDIReader, masquerading as an XML parser.
EDI Integration using Jitterbit

Jitterbit is the leading open source integration platform. For its supported customers, Jitterbit offers EDI integration based on EDIReader and EDIWriter. This feature allows you to use Jitterbit's XML graphical mapping tools to define transformations between EDI transactions and your internal formats. Go to for more information.